Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Catch up.....

Yeah I know I been very quiet lately but life has been hectic....I thought I would come here and share with you some of my fav pictures that I have done lately....

Also I thought I would update you on events in sl, you may have noticed my wedding photos on this blog. Well unfortunately my sl husband and I have decided to part ways. We have remained friends though his rl is even more hectic then mine atm.

I am still working in sl porn and am hoping to get some new movies done soon or at least work out how to make some of my own but for now you are stuck with just my photography. Here are some of my favs and of course feel free to check out my flickr page if you want to see more and maybe add comments or fav a few.....

Bird of Paradise 01
this one got me sexiest pornstar of the day on the sexiest blog August 21st

this one I was trying out some differant techniques with lighting though I was trying to for something darker.

another beach picture
this was more of a spur of the moment picture but came out great.

good morning 3
this was a collaboration with Trysten... he took the picture and I edited it and it got us both photo of the Day on the sexiest blog. We were both very excited.

always fun to try something new...

The Secret Rendezvous 12
and a naughty date in the forest...

hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will try to make my next post much sooner then last time.....
hugs and kisses Zaria