Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ban happy club managers.....

 A while ago a couple of people I know were banned from a club for simply trying to have a little fun and encourage other people to interact with them. Well I thought it was just a rare thing to happen but it seems it is not as rare as I thought.

About a week ago I was bored so I decided to check out some strip clubs and maybe find some people to talk to. Well I found this club called the Bishes, some of you may have heard of it. I tped to the club and wandered in. I was all set to have a seat enjoy the company and even tip these ladies. As I entered I got several polite greeting from some of the girls. I answered with a simple hello and was then IMed by who I can only assume is one of the club managers.

[07:14] Manager: Hi Zaria...Did you need help with something?
[07:14] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): nope just dropped in to look around
[07:14] Manager: Ok, well, just so you know, we don't allow freelancers here.
[07:15] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): and what makes you think I am here to freelance?
[07:15] Manager: your profile
[07:15] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): oh?
[07:15] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): cause I work in porn?
[07:15] Manager: Are you looking for a job?
[07:15] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): no
[07:16] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): I have heard of this place and seeing as it advertises porn stars in training thought I would check it out
[07:16] Manager: So you're looking for an escort?
[07:16] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): well bored and looking for something to do

at this point I was ejected and banned.......The only reason I can think of is for being too sexy. I don't think I was rude and I had not broken any of the rules. (and yes I do know the rules, I have worked in some of the best strip clubs in sl), I was not wearing an escort tag nor did I make any attempt to contact any of their clients, but was simply kicked out. As you can see I was there no more then 3 minutes.

[07:17] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): omg lmao
[07:17] Manager: Have a good day, Zaria
[07:17] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): really....cause I came in to have a look you eject me
[07:17] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): rofl
[07:17] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): that is tff
[07:18] Manager: You're not looking for what we have to offer, so there's no reason for you to be here
[07:18] ZΛЯłΛ (zaria.velde): good bye and never mind I won't tell any of my friends to visit
[07:18] Manager: Ok
[07:18] Manage: tc :)

Well of course this did upset me but I tried to take it in my stride and carry on with my day. Until today.

I returned to the sim as there is a store there I enjoy shopping at, thinking that they may have gotten over it but I was wrong. I did manage to get to the store I wanted but I was basically locked in there and surrounded by security of the club. I could not enter the mall, a place of which I did enjoy to shop previously. Well I guess it is their loss that I will no longer be going there to shop and I will certainly never recommend their club to anyone.

But I am going to let people know how unreasonable and pathetic their management is and just how insecure they are about someone with my looks and background to walk into the club. I was prepared to tip and have a little fun but was not even given a chance to do this nor were they even going to listen to me. They just jumped to conclusions and banned me within minutes of my arrival.

If you are running a business then please make sure your managers are not insecure power hungry people that will just do as they please and discourage people from entering and supporting your business. People do talk to eachother and some may even have blogs which other people read.

Thank you for letting me have my rant.....and again I do NOT recommend The Bishes Club to anyone unless you want to banned for no reason.