Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hottie Hotline......

Well for those of you who follow porn in sl or even just viewed my blog a few times, you would have heard of the Hoobs Hotties and that I am one of them. Well I decided I needed to get some of the girls pictures, so I did a Hoobs Hotties Hotline shoot......So why not pick up the phone and call 1800-hottie and see which sexy one you get to talk to....

Hottie Hotline - Be
Hottie Hotline - Be

Hottie Hotline - Colleen
Hottie Hotline - Colleen

Hottie Hotline - Maria>
Hottie Hotline - Maria

Hottie Hotline - Rachel
Hottie Hotline - Rachel

Hottie Hotline - Rosa
Hottie Hotline - Rosa

Hottie Hotline - Spirit
and Hottie Hotline - Spirit

Friday, 15 November 2013

Then and Now......

I first took a picture of Raelin when I started out with photography. It seems alot has changed in both my photography and her image. I recently had her back for a shoot and for fun I put her original picture up next to the new one I did today and, wow, the changes in both my techniques and her image in a few short months are surprising......I hope you find this interesting too.....

Raelin then.........

Raelin 01
and Raelin now......

<3 Zaria

Friday, 8 November 2013


Ok ok I promise I am going to start blogging again, at least once a week even if it is a few new pictures I have done, I am still very active in the sl porn scene so if you wandering where I been take a look at my flickr....

well I did a shoot recently when I was bored that got a great response from friends so I thought I would share it here with you. I did it while my boyfriend was away at work and I was feeling a little melencholy......hope you enjoy them and please feel free to fav them on flickr.....just click the picture and will take you right to them....hugs Zaria....

Missing my baby 4

Missing my baby 3

Missing my baby 2

Missing my baby 1