Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bad School Girls - Grades Up

 Hello me again, Zaria, chuckles.....well if any of you know sl porn then you all know Miss Em as I like to call her, or Emily to many others. She is a wonderful woman and works hard in the porn industry. Well my second SL movie was shot by her and I was thrilled with the result.

Zaria needs to get her grades up or be kick off the cheerleading squad and will do anything to get Miss Banghard to raise them. Meanwhile Thiffany and Kelly find a quiet place to get intimate.

STARRING: Charleenah, Zaria Velde, Thiffany Ansar, Kelly

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

 Hello everyone,

Wanted to share with you the first movie I did to start off my porn acting career. My fiance, Andy, introduced me to Keith Nyn, owner of NYN studios, one night after we had been having some fun with friends and Keith was nice enough to put me in a role and film. I think he did a great job and it exposed me to a new world which is opening doors for me in sl.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Welcome to Zaria's SL. I decided to start a blog to let people get to know me a bit and to show you some of my discoveries in SL. I hope you enjoy my entries. I am an up and coming porn actress and model I plan on having notices of events, movies and pictorials I am in, discoveries I make and to let you know about the many skills of my friends as well. (The photo used for my header was taken by Graham Collinson)

Well today, I went Gizza and I got a new outfit. When I put it on and got all inspired. So I went to Binding Ties and used their post to take some pictures. I hope you like them.

Style information:
Outfit: Glam Rock Suit - Gizza designs
Boots: Zaar Boots - Ducknipple
Collar: part of Flapper outfit from SLX